Friday, 22 August 2014

Unisoft Order Return and Cancellation

All our customers, who wish to cancel the contract or the order for your Digital Marketing Services, has to inform us in person or write an official mail to us, as soon as possible. Send us an email at with a specific heading stating Order Cancellation, including the exact order ID that has been provided by Unisoft.
If we receive the mail before we start the service, you may be entitled to the full re payment of the funds minus the transaction fees, that has been incurred while the processing with the company was on. An average of 4% will be deducted from the total price amount, according to the set rules. This figure may however change without nay notice or prior information, and we do not know what fixture it will be, prior to the individual order processing. Please do not forget to refer the REFUND section below, to get a clear idea about all the refund rules and regulations that are followed by Unisoft.


We put our best efforts to provide the Best Search Engine Marketing Services at best prices to our entire client. However if due to certain reasons, you wish to cancel your order for our service, you need to inform us prior to the start-up of the contract date. If our valuable service has already started, and you wish to cancel your order after that, then we are grieved to inform, that no Refunds will be made by the company. Only after a satisfactory reason, stating the mistake or any other concern regarding our service will be processed. However , if after such situations, we o not guarantee refunds, but yes, we do promise to look into the matter , since we do not wish disappointments for or client nor do we expect the same from our clients.

  • You must inform us specifically and clearly stating the reasons for Order Cancellation.
  • The complete order details must be shared by the company in the mail.
  • If the contract amount of the campaign is huge, then the company will take time to decide on the details of processing. In that case, we expect the client to exchange a clear conversation with the company.
  • The clients must wait for your response which may very well take some time, due to our busy schedules. Each and every Order Cancellation is processed and put into further investigation by the company, before proceeding. 
  • However, Clients can expect Refund, only if all the Refund and Order Cancellation steps are properly followed.  
  • The company is not responsible, if these rules are not met, and the client still urges for Money back.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Do You Want To Boost Up Your Fan Following On Instagram? Well have a look at this then

Great Imagery has always being important, be it any social networking site. Recently Instagram has earned huge importance, both for Business and Personal purposes. So when we hear, that Social Media Marketing Services Giant Face book, bout Instagram for over a Billion dollars, that doesn’t surprise us anymore. Ever since the year 2012, Instagram has grown in size, and that too much rapidly then the resources even imagined.

The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day and it has probably become one of the most favorite social engagements for common men, celebrities and Companies, to communicate with the huge audience, through sharing the best pictures they could. And to be surprised, the images shared on Instagram, is working magic. There is much more growth that is expected in the near future.


Now this section is for people who haven’t used Instagram yet

Instagram is a mobile app that is easily available on Mobile Application Development Services and Windows, Android and IOS operating systems. This pp is mainly used for sharing Photos and Videos. During its launch, only Photos sharing were available. But the recent update of Instagram has opened the possibilities of sharing 3 seconds to 15 seconds videos as well.
I personally believe that the range of color and texture Filters available on the app, really makes your image stand out. One can also apply Hash tags while describing the Photo or Video, with some content.

So its time for you to open an Instagram account for yourself. There are over 200 million accounts and around 57% of them are accessed on a regular basis.

 Boost up the growth of your followers.  And here HOW?

Here are some Tips that you must know, if you are an Instagram user  

Use ICONSQUARE frequently…

Icon square is a management tool, especially for Instagram. It is completely web- based. It is used for a good analytical affects, and this is the most effective way, through with you can connect to a lot of users on Instagram.

You will notice a good amount of engagement, and there will be a real time interaction on your posts, which you can take advantage off. There could be a good boost on your Brand image, Company name, or you could be liked by many as an Individual. 

Post Creative and Filtered Imagery.

Instagram offers you a lot of Filter options; hat could be applied to the images. You can also create images that are text based. They look so creative and people get attracted towards them. The pictures that are visibly appealing get a larger visibility, when compared to the normal images. Make it a point to share your quotes, though imagery. 

Don’t just like the content, Repost it as well.

Don’t be revolving around your own posts. Instagram is all about connection, like the other social networks. Identify appealing content, and start reposting. Download the Repost app for Instagram, and keep reposting content to attract people to your account. Chances are, if you keep sharing other content, may be some of our content will also be shared by others.    

Keep Observing your Competitors

Try to keep a keen eye on your competitors. May be TWTRLAND could help you. It is an analytics tool, which help you find out the most active or say the most potential customer account, based on the matching skills, name or a particular location.


It’s nice to get engaged in social networking and Social Network Analysis and Monitoring , by our own. But sometimes, it’s not possible to keep updating on your own, due to various reasons. I am sure, you don’t want to delay your updates, and post them later when you get time. Use Schedugram, to schedule your updates and posts on Instagram. Even if you have multiple accounts, you can manage them all through this amazing app.

But do not forget to share tag and describe some of your pictures, Real time.